The week ahead

Posted on May 16, 2016 in Everyday Life

I’ve realised that going back to work in a couple of weeks means remembering how to make and keep a schedule. (Who knew?! That’s how long I’ve been on sick leave. Sigh.) Anyway, I thought it might help if on Monday mornings I give myself a set of tasks to do for the week, and maybe something to motivate or inspire me.

First up: Over coffee this morning I read the poem below, and it totally stunned me. (Thanks for the pointer Chris!) I also recommend reading the background text from John Knox, and listening to the spoken performance.


The First Blast to Awaken Women Degenerate by Rachel McCrum

The trumpet sounds.
All the monkeys are grooming themselves bald
in the zoos

Women slither out from gutters and under streetlamps
down from bedsits, and from behind garden fences

Foil sail unfolding irresistible as empty crisp packets
from pub table women
Women who sink a bottle of red and rage
with wine lips women

Fury unleashed women
in stamping, stomping, sweating
hordes of women

ranks amassing women.

Give me
gorilla women
and bear women
penguin women
and wolf hound women
blue whale women
and badger women
yeti, yak
and bison women

Give me
caribou women
and bone women
bite back

not quite bird women
not least the sparrow
or wren
flamingo women
peacock women
eagle women
and pelican women

Give me unnnatural women
deranged women
howling women

Give me mobs of women
chow down on misery women
seismic cunt women
bloody pushy women
like a 2am army’s march
through the veins women

Give me ruling women
and yelling women

Give me unsilent unwatchful women
Give me monstrous women
on the pavements of

Cologne women
London women
Tahir Square women
Belfast women
Stockholm women
Cape Town women

Before the second trumpet sounds.
Before the monkeys can groom themselves bare and repent
Before the streets can fall dark and silent and damned
Give me my monstruous regiment
of women.

I’m not sure if the poem has anything to do with my research but it made me feel good, and that makes it a bit easier to get back to work.

This week I need to finish a small but gratifying sekrit writing project. (Details soon.) And I need to read and comment on several thesis chapters. I also want to wrap up my thoughts on the animal welfare consultation.

I think that’s plenty while still on sick leave, no?