Fieldnotes: Stop motion farming

One of the things I planned for my sabbatical is learning how to make stop motion videos for research dissemination / public engagement.

I’ve never done it before, and although I’ve always enjoyed the aesthetic, I’ve chosen it because of the relatively low barrier to entry, especially in terms of skill. In my case, scenery is free and props could be very affordable–but I chose rather expensive (around NZD500 total), mostly Schleich figurines. Then, with the exception of the iPhone I already had, the additional hardware/software cost around NZD250 (see below for details).  So, no, not cheap. But not necessarily expensive either.

I honestly have no idea what kind of stories I’m going to tell, but I thought it would be fun to experiment. My gut tells me to stick with fiction, but whether its realist or speculative I don’t know…


I’ve got enough animals to shoot scenes on a dairy farm, a beef farm, a sheep farm, a deer farm, and even a wee pig farm.

Dairy farm Beef farm

Sheep farm Lambing pen

Deer farm Pig pen



I’ve got my whole property to to use for filming–from ornamental garden and paddock to native bush and stream–but here are a few test shots from my ground-cover garden.

Garden 1 Garden 3

Garden 4 Garden 2

Garden 5 Garden 6




















I’ll post updates here on my progress!