Sneak preview: speculative design for animal-human relations

When I get back from Australia we’ll be launching four speculative designs from the Counting Sheep project. Here’s a sneak preview: Grow Your Own Lamb: Would you like your NZ merino meat pasture-raised or lab-raised? BoneKnitter: What if orthopaedic casts were made of all natural, traceable native materials? Sadie & Rye: Could you love artificial […]

Objects, Animals, Fantasies and Speculations, Oh My!

With Trimester 1 ending this week and Wellington quickly sinking into winter, I’m looking forward to visiting warmer-than-here Australia… In a few weeks I’ll be heading to Brisbane to join a great team at the CCI Winter School, which offers some amazing participants “a week-long programĀ of interdisciplinary study, collaboration and social interaction in the broad […]