Happy New Year

Posted on Jan 2, 2012 in Everyday Life

Thanks to all our friends and colleagues for an inspiring 2011, and we wish you much joy and adventure in the coming year!

Baaa by Cyriak (Thx Adam!)

2011 was a busy and rewarding year for us. I had the pleasure of learning about farm tech at Fieldays in Hamilton, shearing and woolhandling at the Merino Championships in Alexandra, and sheep breeding and judging at the Canterbury A&P Show in Christchurch. I presented a remote lecture at the Edinburgh School of Art and a live seminar at the Royal College of Art in London. Ben Kraal and I led a workshop at Communities & Technologies 2011 in Brisbane, I gave the opening keynote at Web Directions South in Sydney, and I presented our research at Critically Making the Internet of Things in UmeƄ. In addition, Sam Carew and I made a couple of educational videos, and Hamish McPhail, Peggy Russell and I designed a fictional farm.

2012 promises more fieldwork, a few articles, and a really fun design project I’ve been working on with Jonathon Toon. Unfortunately, I dislocated my kneecap just before Christmas and have weeks of rehab to look forward to, so there won’t be any travel for a bit. On the upside, my lack of mobility means I should have more time to read and write–so stay tuned for more frequent updates here.