Northern Sweden

Posted on Dec 8, 2011 in Everyday Life

Dear Diary,

I arrived in UmeĆ„ this morning for HUMlab‘s Critically Making the Internet of Things conference, which starts tomorrow and has a really interesting line-up of presentations and workshops that I’m looking forward to. I don’t actually have an abstract for my talk, but will post my slides online afterwards.

I also spent the afternoon with Anna Croon Fors and had fika (my new favourite cultural ritual) with her colleagues in the Department of Informatics, discussing everything from gender and technology to how GPS equipped dogs are changing the experience of moose hunting.

The restaurant we originally went to for lunch was closed because the owners were fighting (or so a sign on the door said!) but that meant I got to see more of the city, including timber industry sites on the river and new residential suburbs. I also got to meet a super cute Norwegian Forest kitten, who was sleeping on a gorgeous Gotland lambskin. (I have to see if I can get one to take home. Skin, not cat. I already have one of those.)

The weather is mild, only -4 or so, and there is only a little snow on the ground, but the sun set around 2pm and it’s hard not to get tired after that. The upside to the darkness is that you can see lovely Advent stars and candles lighting up everyone’s windows, and the trees are strung with fairy lights that you can see for half the afternoon as well. It will be strange to return to NZ summer after this!

But it’s almost time for dinner, so I’d better go get ready now.

More soon,