CFP: Design, Design Activism and the Democratic Production of Future Social Natures

Posted on Jul 30, 2011 in Conferences, Workshops & CFPs

Session Proposal for the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, New York City, Feb 24th-28th 2012 CFP: Design, Design Activism and the Democratic Production of Future Social Natures Abstracts due September 14, 2011 David Harvey’s Spaces of Hope (2000) suggests that there is a desperate need in critical geography and critical theory to return to […]

Beautiful, terrible noise

Posted on Jul 30, 2011 in Everyday Life, Science, Technology & Society

The Dial-Up Sound 700% Slower Beautiful. (via @biellacoleman) The Dial-Up Sound

A New Era of Animal-Centred Computer Interaction Research and Design?

Via Nicolas Nova this morning comes Clara Mancini‘s “Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI): a manifesto,” published in the current issue of Interactions but a shorter version without images is available from the Open University here. A focus on human-animal-technology relations won’t be anything new to social and cultural researchers, but Mancini is quite right to point out […]

CFP Convergence: Special Issue on Locative Media

Posted on Jul 27, 2011 in Conferences, Workshops & CFPs

Convergence Vol 18, no 3, August 2012 – Special Issue on Locative Media Guest editor: Rowan Wilken, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia Deadlines for refereed research articles: 20 August 2011 Please send all proposals and completed articles to Rowan Wilken All contributors must read the Convergence Instructions to authors before submission. Questions of location and […]

On pets, everyday life and getting used to each other

Posted on Jul 27, 2011 in Animals & Plants & Stuff, Everyday Life

Alexander Trevi, of the brilliant Pruned blog, rewrites Diller + Scofidio to give us some beautifully Strange Pets: “When we speak about weather pets, it’s assumed that more meaningful forms of communication are being avoided. But is not the weather pet, in fact, a potent topic of cultural exchange – a bond that cuts through […]

Epizoic media and multispecies ethnography

“Multispecies ethnographers are studying the host of organisms whose lives and deaths are linked to human social worlds. A project allied with Eduardo Kohn’s ‘anthropology of life’—’an anthropology that is not just confined to the human but is concerned with the effects of our entanglements with other kinds of living selves’—multispecies ethnography centers on how […]

An Internet of Cows (and Sheeps!)

Making the rounds yesterday was Cisco’s infographic of The Internet of Things. Of course there are all sorts of interesting things going on in this story, but I want to focus on the cows right now: When it comes to networked livestock, I often mention the dairy cows that tweet and IBM’s “Farm to Fork” […]