NAIT in the news

NZ’s NAIT scheme has been in the news a lot more lately, and I just want to round up some of the stories for an article I’m working on.

Otago Daily Times: Opportunities for smart efficiency with tagging (Apr 11)
“By using available technology, farmers could work smarter and more efficiently to improve production.”

Wairarapa Times Age: Tags not just earmarked for cattle (Apr 13)
“Electronic ear tags for cattle are so useful, says one Wairarapa farmer, that he is using them for his sheep.”

Southland Times: Farmer warned to prepare for tagging (Apr 13)
“NAIT stakeholder engagement manager Dan Schofield urged farmers to check on their responsibilities.While the scheme would have a soft introduction with any breach of the rules leading to warnings, there would be significant penalties introduced.”

NZ Herald: Farmers fret over cost of new animal tags scheme (Apr 18)
“The Crown would provide, at most, $7 million to establish the scheme, plus 35 per cent of ongoing operating costs, with 65 per cent funded through levies. Ongoing operating expenditure would be about $6 million a year and NAIT was working through the levies.”

NZ Herald: Livestockers worry Big Brother is coming down to the farm (Apr 27)
“Federated Farmers’ major concerns about the proposed regime included its cost, its use of what was now regarded as obsolete technology, the powers the overseeing organisation would have to demand and even seize information, and the prospect the information gathered would be used to calculate charges for farm animals’ greenhouse gas emissions.”

Scoop: Biosecurity fundamental but NAIT questions remain (Apr 27)
“We need the biosecurity ambulance at the top of the cliff rather than relying on NAIT at the bottom, when really, it’s far too late.”

3News: Dairy companies call for electronic ID for sheep (Apr 27)
“The dairy industry and dairy farmers were making a significant investment in NAIT. Not having sheep will weaken their investment…A timeframe for inclusion of sheep and other at-risk species needs to be agreed before the initial go-live date of November this year.”

Ashburton Guardian: Ear tags to go digital (Apr 28)
“Although farmers realise NAIT is imminent, some see the technology as just another cost that offers little added benefits to traceability schemes which are already in place.”

Radio NZ: Fed Farmers fighting ID scheme to the last (Apr 28)
“Federated Farmers is making a last-ditch stand aimed at scuppering the much-debated national animal identification and tracing system, NAIT.”

Otago Daily Times: NAIT not a silver bullet, farmers say (May 2)
“While Federated Farmers fully backed biosecurity resources at the border “because biosecurity is the alpha and omega of not just farming, but the entire economy”, it remained of concern that the NAIT Bill was being treated as the only solution.” Farmers wary of tracing bill (May 2)
“Spokesman Lachlan McKenzie said the National Animal Identification and Tracing Bill gave NAIT officials excessive powers lifted from the controversial Search and Surveillance Bill to enforce compliance with the scheme.”