No 8 Wire

“The modern No 8 wire is data and how it can be converted into meaningful information, how it can be twisted and bent and used.” – David Walker, Connecting the Clever Farm This is a No 8 wire sculpture called Landfall, by Lynne Stone, but it also reminds me of wireless waves.

Of zombies and design fiction

The US-based Centre for Disease Control‘s Emergency Preparedness and Response unit recently started a media campaign to prepare people for real emergencies by getting them to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. I love this idea, and not just because I’m part of the target audience. (I’ve probably seen every zombie movie ever made, read The […]

Christien Meindertsma, animals and humans

Christien Meindertsma is one of my favourite artist-designers. I first learned of her work in 2007, when she published her second book, PIG 05049. Every so often I sit down with it and flip through the pages in awe. Like Haraway’s When Species Meet, PIG 05049 forever changed the way I understand human-animal relations. “Christien […]


Posted on May 9, 2011 in Everyday Life, Science, Technology & Society

Why Farmers Are Embracing Social Media: the #AgChat Story “AgChat [is] a moderated Twitter discussion that takes place every Tuesday night. Since its creation in 2009, nearly 10,000 people from ten countries have attached the hashtag #agchat to their tweets, or joined in to discuss issues and share ideas related to food and farming. Phil […]

Medical merino

It looks like NZ merino is successfully expanding its market again: Encircle Compression Therapy socks were recently named a winner in the 2011 Medical Design Excellence Awards competition and announced as a finalist in the DuPont ANZ Innovation Awards. The product was developed for The Merino Company by Locus Research (led by Timothy Allen, a […]

Welcome to MyFarm

Last week I was one of 1000 people to join the UK-based MyFarm project in its first 48 hours. It’s being described in the press as a real-life FarmVille, but here’s how they describe it: “MyFarm is a big online experiment in farming and food production, giving 10,000 members of the public a say in […]


I really need to keep up on local farm news better because I was almost a month late in finding out about the IFarmer:Inventory app. Invented by Kiwi farmer Dan Smith, and advertised by Telecom, IFarmer is: “The complete mobile inventory management solution for farmers and live stock agents. Real-time farm management, inventory control and […]

NAIT in the news

NZ’s NAIT scheme has been in the news a lot more lately, and I just want to round up some of the stories for an article I’m working on. Otago Daily Times: Opportunities for smart efficiency with tagging (Apr 11) “By using available technology, farmers could work smarter and more efficiently to improve production.” Wairarapa […]