The revolution is not over yet

Posted on Mar 29, 2011 in Everyday Life, Ordinary Madness of Academia

I generally keep up on news and research on women in academia, regularly speak with female colleagues and mentors about issues that affect university women, and keep a notebook of critical reflections on my own experience as a female academic. But I’ve been thinking a lot more about these things since reading a couple of […]

Read, write, publish

I love Dr Inger Mewburn‘s The Thesis Whisperer blog. When I was doing my PhD there was nothing like it, and although it tends to focus on thesis writing I think it’s equally relevant for early career academics who still have a lot of reading, writing and publishing to get done. Take this excellent advice […]

Prehistoric companion species

Posted on Mar 1, 2011 in Animals & Plants & Stuff

One of my favourite undergraduate courses was Andrzej Weber‘s mortuary archaeology class, and if I were an undergrad at U of A today, I would definitely take Robert Losey‘s archaeology of dogs course–and not just because his recent excavations at Lake Baikal bring these two interests together in fascinating ways. Prehistoric Dog Lived, Died Among […]