Toy stories

These are my new Schleich sheep “action figures.” The Powerhouse Museum has 41 painted lead toy farm sheep and a bunch of farm scenery made between 1930-1939 by William Britain Ltd (Hornby, England). I’d like to make some creative non-fiction photo essays with them.

Fan-Girl Interlude: Lynda Barry

I own all of Lynda Barry‘s books and I’ve read them all, like, hundreds of times. I totally love them and think she is totally awesome. Seriously. I was first introduced to her work in the 1988 documentary, Comic Book Confidential. She was one of very few female comics artists represented, and I was impressed […]

Progress Report #1

Posted on Feb 19, 2011 in Research Methodologies

When research is officially only 40-50% of my academic workload, I’m learning that it’s easy to start feeling like nothing’s getting done. I’m hoping that these progress reports not only communicate to others what we’ve been doing, but also help me keep things in perspective. First of all, our super awesome summer scholarship student Samantha […]

Reminder: Fibreculture’s networked utopias & speculative futures CFP

Posted on Feb 17, 2011 in Conferences, Workshops & CFPs

Just a reminder that abstracts are due 20 Feb 2011 for the Fibreculture Journal special issue on networked utopias and speculative futures. I find the description a bit opaque, but if you’re interested in such things, the list of possible topics seems to leave quite a bit of room to manoeuvre. Important dates Abstract deadline: […]

What to trace? And why?

I’ve been looking at “farm to fork” food traceability in an attempt to articulate how “grower to garment” wool traceability is similar and/or different. (Don’t get me started on what either has in common with surveilling, er, tracing people…) Here’s how IBM’s Smarter Food initiative frames the food problem and solution: “Food is as fundamental […]

Menstrual machineries

People who read this blog are well acquainted with my interest in pervasive computing and sheep, but I’ve been working on a smaller project for a few years and this year I want to turn it into something more substantial. I’ve been thinking about it as technologies of menstruation, but I think that menstrual machineries […]

Collecting wool

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney is home to the Bill Montgomery Vintage Wool Collection. “[The collection] consists of approximately 7000 samples. In the older part of the collection there are 5000 samples from Australian sheep fleeces grown between 1856 and 1906. The samples were collected by the Museum at a time when scientific research was […]

Golden fleece

Last night I went to the launch event for the Year of Chemistry, not least because it included a Merino Gold Fashion Show. For the past five or so years, researchers from Victoria University’s School of Chemical and Physical Sciences and MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology have been researching gold and silver nanoparticles […]

New year, new projects

Posted on Feb 6, 2011 in Everyday Life

Happy New Year! I’m told the Year of the Rabbit should not be as difficult as last year, and that I can expect to face the days ahead with self-possession, gentle grace, calm strength and quiet persistence. Sounds quite good, doesn’t it? And just what I need to take back to work with me tomorrow. […]