Three RFID discourses

I’ve been busy preparing my keynote presentation for Kiwicon, which basically means going through dozens of pages of notes I have on public discourses surrounding RFID and trying to wrangle them into a 30 minute talk. You’d think this would be relatively straight-forward but it’s a pretty complex issue approached by multiple publics in different […]

The value of research

The Running Hot! conference I attended earlier this month has posted videos of the two keynote addresses I found most interesting. First, Nigel Thrift on Imagining Research Value: Bryan Crump followed up with him on research in the NZ context, and Nigel suggested that the conference could be used as a model for others: “Let […]

Telling stories about NZ wool production

I’ve been looking for historical NZ fiction that takes place on farms or includes sheep, but the setting and/or topic don’t appear to have been very popular. (Stories of small towns abound, however, often in a dark gothic tradition.) Taking a break from my searches, I remembered some brilliant Warner Bros. cartoons featuring Sam Sheepdog […]

“What wool needs is research anarchy.”

[cc photo credit: Merino’s Dream by Denisse Moreno] Federated Farmer’s President Don Nicholson had some interesting things to say about the wool industry and research needs in his speech at the National Conference in June: “MO2 is an example that conventional products can be taken in completely new directions. Look at Jeremy Moon of Icebreaker. […]

The Mighty Merino

“The Reverend Samuel Marsden and his entourage coming ashore at the Bay of Islands on 19 December 1814. On this, his first trip across the Tasman, Marsden not only introduced religion to the Maori, but also brought eight Merinos, along with other animals … Mana Island, some seven kilometres off shore from the entrance to […]


Posted on Nov 5, 2010 in Conferences, Workshops & CFPs

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be keynoting Kiwicon 4 in a few weeks. (How could I say no to an event with a logo that frakking awesome?!) What? “Kiwicon is New Zealand’s Hacker con, organised by and for the hacker community, their whitehat chums, and any curious bystanders who are interested in the […]

On research, leadership and mentoring

This week’s RunningHot! conference was the best overview of the interests and concerns of NZ’s research community I’ve received since moving to Wellington almost a year ago. I learned about some fascinating research initiatives, met some wonderful people and got a much better sense of how things work. I went back to work today with […]

Running Hot 2010: Enhancing Value

The final session of the conference was called “Enhancing Value,” and began with a group discussion to “identify lessons learnt during the conference, and identify the challenges and opportunities confronting a new generation of researchers.” Helen Anderson began with the incredibly refreshing perspective that new researchers may not be brave or bold enough to ask […]

Running Hot 2010: Transforming Value

Stuart Cunningham gave the keynote this morning, “Never the twain shall meet?” and while he covered quite a bit, here’s what I took from it. “The clashing point of two subjects, two disciplines, two cultures – of two galaxies, so far as that goes – ought to produce creative chaos.” – CP Snow, The Two […]

Running Hot 2010: Creating Value

The second session, “Creating Value,” focussed on the presentation of exemplary NZ research. Richard Blaikie spoke on nano-scale imaging; Rhonda Shaw spoke on organ donation, gifting, reciprocity and sociology of the body; Jonathan Mane-Wheoki spoke on the “problem” of indigenous art; Ngahuia Te Awakotuku spoke on how “blue skies” research has increased public awareness and […]